'The Madeline'
Symphonie Hurdy Gurdy
Deposit $400.00
There are several ways to place an order:
1) Use this webpage (scroll down below) to place orders online. North American orders ship by FedEx ground. Payment processed through Paypal.
2) Over the phone- give us a call at 541-596-2006.  We would love to hear from you. Also, talking to you gives us the perfect opportunity to take a break in the woodshop!  All major credit cards accepted.
3) Through the mail-send check or money order to Altarwind Music, PO Box 32, O'Brien, OR 97534.  Don't forget to include your contact info (shipping address, phone, & email address.
NOTE: We custom build each & every instrument to order. To place an order, we ask for a materials deposit up front,
with the balance & shipping amounts due on completion of the instrument. This page is set up to process deposits only.
1. When we receive your deposit, we will contact you right away notifying you of wait times. If you prefer not to wait, we will process a refund for you.
2. We ask for a materials deposit to place an order, with the balance & shipping due on completion of the instrument.  If you prefer, you are welcome to pay the whole amount up front.
3.  In case of cancellation, your deposit is refundable, subject to these terms: 
If you cancel before work has begun on the instrument, we will refund the deposit right away.
If you cancel after work has begun: we will refund your deposit only after we have found another buyer for it (this normally happens within a month of scheduled completion date). 
If you cancel within 60 days, we will refund 100% of your deposit.   If you cancel AFTER 60 days, we will refund 97% of your deposit.  The reason is that after 60 days our credit card processor /Paypal does not refund the 3% credit card fee they withhold from the transaction.
4. Warrantee: Our instruments are fully guaranteed and warranted for 1 year (parts & labor).  If warrantee work is required within the first 90 days, we also pay for shipping.  
You can pay for any options at the time of ordering (below), or on the back end when the instrument is complete.  If you prefer to pay this part later, be sure to let us know what options you want up front so we can build them into the instrument.
Sympathetic strings (set of 4) - $95.00
Drone Capo $45.00 each
Electric pickup (passive) $105.00
Electric pickup (active) $295.00
not available for symphonie
not available for symphonie
Spare string set- Moncur $125.00 G/C tuning
Spare string set- Gypsy gurdy $80.00 G/C tuning
Spare string set- Aquitaine / Merry Wood $106.00 G/C tuning
Spare string set- Symphonie $72.00 G/C tuning
'The Moncur'
6 String Hurdy Gurdy
Deposit $700.00
The 'Aquitaine'
5 String Hurdy Gurdy
Deposit $700.00
Merry Wood
Hurdy Gurdy
5 String Hurdy Gurdy
Deposit $700.00
'The La Priel'
7 String Hurdy Gurdy
Deposit $700.00
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harmonizer hurdy gurdy by George & Anwyn Leverett
'The Harmonizer'
7 String Hurdy Gurdy with 3rd /harmony row of keys
Deposit $900.00
Hurdy Gurdies by George & Anwyn Leverett
'The Full Monty'
Deposit $1,000.00